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Project Play Family Centre building is currently being renovated and will be fully dedicated to our pre-kindergarten programs. The new space will accomodate 24 children. Its completion is scheduled to April 2022. We are very excited about our new space and will post pictures as soon as possible. Stay tunned...

Our indoor learning spaces have direct access to the outside, an integral component of our indoor-outdoor program. The outdoor environment have been thoughtfully designed by our team of educators, landscape architects and an amazing wood craftsman, with an emphasis on sensory experiences and intriguing play spaces that invite exploration.

The resources inside the room are thoughtfully placed and emphasize the natural, with soft furniture, neutral color shelves and educational wooden toys bringing a warm, calm feeling to the room and providing a safe play and learning space for children.

There is also significant use of recycled and repurposed materials (“loose parts theory”) – a cornerstone of our environmental policy.